31st World Festival, Ankara – Izmir

Again we meet IEGN on airport as 25-member team is on its way to 31st world dance and folklore festival in Izmir and Ankara, Turkey. 1000 dancers from 62 countries and 60 million viewers watching the TV coverage of the gala event, which took place on April 23rd. Gala admission by president and prime minister of Turkey, 100 reporters, 60 camera crews and photographers, red carpet in the right sense of the word, gifts with no limits, photo shoots, press statements. Iggy and Tilen in the central newspaper – talk with prime minister and presenting him lacteous hart.

Dance theatre IGEN Celje has presented its new show “I wish…or childrens parliament dictates the world”, in fabulous performance of twenty dancers, coreograpfy by Mojca Majcen, directed by Igor Jelen. Ovations, long applause, congrats from other countries and invitations of seven countries to their festivals, also from Morocco and Venezuela.

After 11 days the dancers will come to Slovenia, only to leave for Cyprus to attend 7-day European festival.

LIVING and DANCING LIFE on STAGES OF THE WORLD, as is usual for Dance theatre IGEN Celje and Iggy, successful ambassador mission of the 29th summer of dancing art on world stages in self production and with help of respected donators.