DANCE THEATRE IGEN – HOLIDAYS  ( 08.08. – 21.08.2009 )

Rabat, 28. july 2009

After roaming of the Dance Theatre Igen CELJE in Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, and Cyprus, the dancers returned from 11 days of a successful summer touring in Morocco, in the capital city called Rabat, where the World festival of dance and arts was organised.

Igor Jelen-Iggy – Dance – annual personality of the dance and the winner of the award “POVODNI MOZ“, was in Morocco with his dancing theatre Igen Celje for the third time in the last decade. First meeting, that was nine years ago, they were visiting the King of Morocco. Again he was welcomed with a lot of honor, respect and was greatly expected to perform seven performances in the Festival.

He was the Festival personality and has presented specifility among the ten participating countries – an extraordinary dance theater expressiveness and diversity in the performance “Kure”, which since 2006 was hosting on the world stages.

Directed by Igor Jelen, choreography by Bojana Mišić and by seven dancers of the Dance Theater Igen (Eva Jankovič, Tara Jeršič, Eva up, Pia Blackberries, Katja Verdev, Tjasa Strašek and Katarina Slapnik).

Choreography of young artists from Slovenia was awarded with ovations of applause, TV recording, and with many interviews and with winning the major prizes at the festival gala closing. Their performance was also on the TV.

For the third consecutive year, season over the summer period of the Dance Theater Igen Celje is not interrupted and the creation with the detented doors is in intensive ongoing training for the premiere at 30 years of life on the world stages (preformance “Lady of the Camellias“) and in  Avgust  “21 Summer dance school Piran”.