Coreography “Lady of the Camellias” is conquring stages of the world

Lady_CameliasInternational jury of the 13. TEATARFESTA has given an award to Igor JELEN and DANCE TEATRE IGEN for the coreography “Lady of the Camelias”.

Jury of the 13th International Theater Festival: Miroslav Pilj, journalist and writer from Sarajevo, Muhammadreza Farzad, dramaturg and director from Teheran and Mersid Ramicevic, composer and lyrics writer from Sarajevo; had difficult assignment to select among ten author projects of artists from thirteen countries, those plays, which are held to affirm the innovation and originality.

The jury unanimously decided to give award, “Iron Goat”, for the best drama concept to Miss Mirjana Blažević Lešić, for dramaturgy of the play “The Lady of the Camellias”, (Dance theatre Igen, Celje, Slovenia), for her innovative theater approach that converts classic novel of Alexander Dima into refined dance moment. Provocation and avant-garde of this choreo-drama, (that was made in collaboration of artists from Slovenia, The Netherlands and Bosnia and Herzegovina), is revealed in successful transposing of literary piece in to choreo-drama with firm concept that, in chamber space for only 33 spectators, accentuates collision of intimate and public in dramatic life of Marguerite Gautier (in brilliant performance of Mojca Majcen).


A contemporary choreographic drama of the Dance Theatre  IGEN, “The Lady of the Camellias”, is based on the reinterpretation of the novel “The Lady of the Camellias” by Alexandre Dumas Junior. Even though our “Lady” is based on the novel, its setting and interpretation are original and authentic.

In collaboration with artists from Slovenia (Celje), Netherlands (The Hague) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo), we created a performance full of emotions and power of the modern movement, which engages all the senses of a spectator. 

Reading the “Lady” in my way I wanted to show a more conceptual approach to dance, adding either thought or feeling to every single movement of the body. The scene is ruled by powerful movements full of emotions, by vibrations coming from the inside and by constant gradation of movement. While the Lady by Dumas is tall, elegant and stylish, ours is tiny, powerful and erotic. As a modern courtesan, the Lady dances to lead us to a journey full of seduction, love and passion, faith and doubt, social intolerance, disease, and at the end, to death. To tell the story of Marguerite Gautier we touched all the crucial events in the novel. The performance is divided into four parts, representing four stages in four seasons: spring-seduction, summer-love, fall-pain, winter-dying.


Our “Lady”, Mojca Majcen, is a mistress of the stage and the space around it. She is joy and beauty, but also sorrow and pain. This is undoubtedly her stellar moment.  “He”, Tomaž Koren, is a true revelation, the Lady’s support, her shadow, her dream and her reality. His role is difficult and complex but very important for the whole show. The three “Mademoiselles”, Katja, Pia and Tara, give color to the performance with a lot of energy, power of movement and words they utter. The dramatic voice of the Lady, Gina Landor and the rich, deep voice of the Gravedigger, Zoran Lešić lead us to the jist of life and will resonate in the ears of the audience long after. The modern directing and choreography by Igor Iggy Jelen; the finely selected music as the basis for the progress of the story; the functionality of the set design; the luxurious and elegant costumes and glamorous make-up, all of these provide this piece with a long and successful theatrical life.

I am sure that the audience, who appreciate dance drama, purity of movement and actuality of the story, will enjoy each and every moment of our performance.

It is important for the Dance Theatre IGEN to remain in the domain of big plays and to score a great success like it has achieved with “Three Sisters” and “House 22” as well as to continue to produce dance plays of “big ideas” as this latest one – “The Lady of the Camellias”.



For more information about the current performances by dance theatre IGEN click here.


For more information about the current performances by dance theatre IGEN click here.