AUTUMN triptych on world stages(Morocco-Portugal-Chile)

SOUTH AMERICAN PREMIERE in prison HOSPICIO ALTO – CHILE on the World Festival of Dance Theatre(4th International Festival of Theatre and Dance ANTIFAZ / FINTDAZ 2010)

30 years of life on the world stage – Dance Theatre Igen Celje, the ambassador of dance theater.

Coreodrama “The Lady of the Camellias”, which has received the award for best dramaturgy at Teaterfest in Sarajevo in May 2010 and was invited as the first Slovenian play to host at the prestigious Venice Biennale Dance, and was selected to The world dance platform, which was represented by Vladimir Malakhova, continues to march on the international dance platforms and stages.

In the autumn triptych “The Lady of the Camellias” has toured on 19 International Platform of Contemporary Dance in Portugal and was invited to be part of a great spectacle and to be special guest of The Awards of the International Women’s Film Festival in Morocco,  so-called Marocco Oscars. The festival was a surplus in every sense, as it gathered a large number of movie stars from Africa, the event was also accompanied by french TV5Monde television.

Autumn triptych tours will end (2. November) on a Dance theater festival in Chile, which is one of main festivals of South America.

4th International Festival of Theatre and Dance ANTIFAZ / FINTDAZ 2010 has given special attention to the performance. The performance  was chosen it for his debut performance in the prison ALTO HOSPICIO Iquique, where  400 selected audience – prisoners (of 1900) viewed the show. South American performance was rewarded with great applause in a “strange” location. After the show we received a statuette.

After the return, new triptych will follow in Belarus, Netherlands and Egypt (November 2010 – February 2011).