Igen events

igy2And it was. Year 2005. After the media response that Dance Theater Igen Celje produced when touring on the world stages, “they” simply wanted them, wanted, caught. All the significant social events have been given the dimension of otherness. Come on art, glamour, beauty, dramaturgic story with the addition of borderless technical equipment. Igor Jelen-Iggy is now sold out director, choreographer and organizer of significant events in the country. Simply caught in and poisoned with them. Annual production has reached a number of 150 events. At each story in the mosaic a new idea happens, is born for a new subscriber. He loves them, as in the large family of EVENTS story links the players, dancers, ballet artists, opera singers, musicians and singers, models, costume artists, fashion designers, scenographers, make-up artists, makers of light, tone, picture, and production. New success story is born.

Last event

Gala fashion show / Hotel SAVA Rogaška Slatina – maj 2011

History bits ...


Med mnogimi medijskimi intervjuji v tujini in domovini je Igy redni gost pri Barbri Drnač v oddaji PARADA PLESA, E + in Extra Magazin. Pripravila sta vroč poletni intervju v ljubljanskem Tivoliju.